Your data is powerful,
use it to grow and scale.

Build strategies that actually work. A full picture of your business in one dashboard helps identify key areas of improvement and opportunity. The most agile businesses are data-driven.

Don’t be the last to start using data.

Gain actionable business insights and analytics with ease. Our system consolidates your data into one central dashboard, offering real-time analysis and reporting.

Make informed decisions, identify trends, and drive growth by leveraging comprehensive, accurate data insights, transforming your business strategy and performance.

Identify growth areas, easily.

Advanced analytics provide unified reports across sales channels.

One dashboard to monitor success across all channels.


Report generation.


Product performance.


Inventory levels and purchasing

Business Insights Features.

Unlock the power of your data easily.

View All Data.

Gain insights by accessing data from online stores, sales channels, ERP, and other sources.

Easy Monitoring.

Monitor sales performance across multiple stores and channels through a unified control panel.


Consolidated reports from integrated systems allow better planning and decision-making.

Holistic View.

Consolidating information for a comprehensive overview of the whole business.

Custom Reports.

Create custom reports to track specific metrics and test strategies, tailored to business needs.

Google Analytics.

Integrate with Google Analytics to gain insights into visitor traffic and customer behaviour.

Coach House made the switch and increased revenue by 242%.

We helped Coach House take control of their business systems and drive sales.

Coach House

Transparent pricing, always.

We want our clients to succeed. So we make sure everything we do supports small to medium wholesalers.


from £4,850


Fully customisable B2B and B2C ecommerce stores designed for wholesalers.

Control Centre

from £25,000


A central hub for managing all ecommerce operations and business systems.

Custom Reporting

from £500


Understand your business performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Endless integrations, endless possibility.

It’s never been easier to pull all your systems into one central control panel for agile business management.

Scale your business in 30 days or less.