Expand into new markets at the touch of a button.

Omnichannel retailing has never been easier. Reach all of your potential customers and markets through one control panel. Make the most of real-time product inventory management.

Go from traditional to digital today.

Manage your omnichannel operations effortlessly from one central control hub. Whether it’s B2C websites, B2B platforms, traditional wholesale, or marketplaces

Streamline everything under one manageable contract designed for SMBs. No hidden fees means you can continue to scale flexibly with no more rigid tech stacks to hold you back.

Scale faster, sell more.

Drive sales and customer retention with improved experiences.

Omnichannel Wholesale Platform - Coretonomy

From D2C to B2B, control it all in one place.


Payment gateway integrations.


Optimisation tools.


Product catalogues, customer pricing, product recommendations and more.

Multi-Channel Features.

Break into new markets effectively.

Market Reach.

Start selling more across multiple online storefronts and marketplaces.


Tailor online stores for markets, regions, and customer segments from one platform.

Unified System.

Manage product info, orders, inventory, and customer data in one integrated system.

Real-Time View.

Improve user experiences with automatic inventory syncing and real-time stock level updates.

Custom UX.

Maintain branding with unique domains and designs for each store, tailored to specific markets.

Trends & Insights.

Get consolidated sales and inventory reports for visibility of entire business performance.

Orders increased by 1027% when Landscapeplus moved to digital wholesale systems.

Our scalable wholesale system has helped Landscapeplus significantly boost order volume.

Landscape Plus Case Study

pricing, always.

We want our clients to succeed. So we make sure everything we do supports small to medium wholesalers.


from £4,850


Fully customisable B2B and B2C ecommerce stores designed for wholesalers.

Control Centre

from £25,000


A central hub for managing all ecommerce operations and business systems.

Custom Reporting

from £500


Understand your business performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Endless integrations, endless possibility.

It’s never been easier to pull all your systems into one central control panel for agile business management.

Scale your business in 30 days or less.